Botanicapets Omega 3 60 u.

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This nutritional supplement is used for the beneficial properties of the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA at the dermatological, cardiovascular, joint and brain levels.

Indicated in animals with dermatological problems (itching, irritations), fur in poor condition, brittle hair, circulatory or joint problems or with a tendency to suffer from them.

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Mode of Use


Administer once a day alone or with a small amount of food.


-10kg: 1 pearl
10-20kg: 2 pearls
20-30kg: 3 pearls
30-40kg: 4 pearls
+ 40 kg: 5 pearls
(Max 5 pearls/day)



2 reviews for Botanicapets Omega 3 60uds
  1. M


    Good product, leaves my dog's hair soft and shiny.

  2. M


    After giving it to him for two weeks, his hair has improved a lot. I recommend it.

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